‘The Bible’ mini series portrays Samson as a Black

Millions are following the 10 hour Bible series which is being aired on History channel every Sunday. Previous Sunday this mini series has completed its second episode which contained the story of Samson and Delilah, King Saul, David and Goliath and Solomon. This episode ended up showing Solomon as a child. One issue that is creating buzz over the viewers with the second episode is regarding the characterization of Samson.

samson 300x225 The Bible mini series portrays Samson as a BlackSamson who was one of the judge for Israel is actually from the tribe of Dan purely an Israel tribe. Actual Jews are not black skinned people but are fair people. People who watched the second episode were astonished to see the role of Samson being played by a dark complexion person. Some of the top websites like yahoo answers, IMDB were flooded with discussions over the character of Samson shown in the mini Bible episode. They began to ask whether Samson of Bible was a dark complexion person?

Now I think there is not much to debate on this topic as people who play the characters of the Bible are just actors. It doesn’t mean that Jim Caviezel who acted like Jesus in Passion for Christ is how Jesus looks or Charlton Heston who played the role of Moses in ten commandments looks like the original Moses. Its just actors who act as the character of the Bible and as far as the mini Bible series is concerned the person who acted like Samson really did well.

Samson Mother Bible The Bible mini series portrays Samson as a Black
“The Bible” series shows Samson and his mother.

Who played the role of Samson?

The role of Samson was played by a British-Nigerian gentleman named Nonso Anozie, who has appeared in several stage plays and four films. We should not discuss much on this topic but just admire the way they acted in this Bible series. This is not the first time of portraying a African-American actor as a bible character but the movie “The greatest story ever told” too had portrayed a black person named Sidney Poitier for the role of Simon of Cyrene.

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